KHK MMA – Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa Mixed Martial Arts, was found with the sole mission of enhancing MMA as a sport in the Global arena by building a concrete foundation in the Middle East to evolve the MMA world.

His Highness Shaikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, The First Deputy President of The Supreme Council for Youth & Sport, and the president of Bahrain Athletics Association, had a vision to foster prosperity in the Middle East through Mixed Martial Arts. He wanted to provide a platform for the youth of tomorrow, an arena where champions could be built from scratch. This vision became KHK MMA.

KHK MMA immediately set about becoming a force for good in the Middle East and beyond, through providing world class facilities, coaching and everything that was necessary to cultivate winners, not just winners in the cage, but winners in life.

His Highness’s passion for MMA is pure and his aim is not simply to evolve MMA and the sports sector in Bahrain, but worldwide. Hence he invited some of the finest professional fighters, both current and future superstars to help grow the company into a respected worldwide brand. KHK MMA has both an amateur team and a professional team, underpinning one of the core values of the conglomerate to nurture, and grow fighters from the bottom-up.

His Highness plays a significant role in contacting and inviting figures who have had a long history in mixed martial arts, with the ultimate goal of developing an MMA culture in Bahraini society. KHK MMA believes that the Bahraini youth, in particular, can benefit from this culture. His patronage has transformed MMA in the Middle East, giving incredible opportunities to amateur and professional fighters, who would otherwise be starved of options. KHK’s professional team participates in international events, which serve to strengthen the position of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the international arena. Beyond MMA, KHK MMA seeks the improvement of people’s lives through discipline, dedication and healthy living.


We aim to build a foundation in Bahrain and the GCC to provide fighters, both prospective and professional, with the best opportunity to flourish through a professional management team, the most advanced training facilities, and with some of the best coaches available. This is so we can promise to give every individual, regardless of nationality or race, as equal an opportunity as anyone else to be the best fighter they can be.


Ultimately our vision is to change the sport for the better on a global level, by leading the way in innovation and an authentic and studied method of training, management, promotion, and event organization.
We aim to:
– Spread the Mixed Martial Arts culture as an integral part of the sport sector, and present this sport as a safe sport.
– Promote the Kingdom of Bahrain and present it through the different stages of its development and progress in the various fields, and the sport field in particular.
– Prepare a generation who is self-confident, able to defend themselves, their properties, families and their homeland, through the skills acquired from this type of sport.

Core Values

Determination: To always find a way to achieve our goals and the goals of our fighters, no matter how hard or far-fetched they seem.
Discipline: Rigorous lifestyle in order to keep our eyes on the target all the time. This includes physical and mental discipline.
Strength: Not against the weak, but for the sake of achieving our goals.
Challenge: Always looking for a new and challenging way to solve problems and reach further.

Mohammed Shahid


Mohammed Shahid works with His Highness Sheikh Khalid to complete the vision they have planned together for KHK MMA. Shahid says: “We provide the assistance to develop MMA as a sport with a unique system that will develop the level of athletes and take the sport of MMA to a different level. We believe we can deliver the physical, mental and health benefits that will empower our people to become strong, confident, respectful, and strategically-minded leaders of tomorrow. We promote and manage fighters, develop a grass root system for the upcoming athletes to develop into complete professionals, through introducing MMA in schools, training camps, partnership with MMA promotions and MMA media system. KHK MMA strives to bring the greatest contents in the industry of MMA and put together the biggest and most anticipated fighters.”

A former fighter himself, Shahid was never limited to the arena, and always saw more potential in the sport: “Why can’t we make MMA better? As a fighter, it was really hard for me to actually find fights, and even when I found fights, I still couldn’t get to a point where I could make a career out of it. Regardless of whether you are marketable or not, or are from India, Bahrain, or the USA, you should be able to have a career that allows you to reach your potential among the best in the world. That was our vision and our goal – to bring all these countries together and give the fighters the chance to be the best in the world.”

KHK MMA Team is Asia’s most prominent professional fighting team with World Champions in Muay Thai, Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Sambo, No-Gi Grappling and more. Our team members have competed and held championships at a plethora of combat championships including the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), TITAN FC, Super Fight League, Bellator Fighting Championship, Desert Force, the Sambo World Championships, the Mundials BJJ World Championship and much more.

Not only is our focus on the professionals within the team but also have a superior enthusiasm for propelling our amateur team which we are adamant about building, developing and advancing from the ground up. We are planting the seeds of a fight culture in Bahrain.